We sponsored “Ay Sonezaki Shinjyu” as the main sponsor. This stage is a shockwork that expressed in Flamenco the work “Sonezaki shinjyu” which the very famous Chikamatsu Monzaemon portrayed the ultimate love in Japan. Flamenco’s passionate butoh and collaboration of the ultimate love story were a very touching and hot stage. On the first day the Emperor and Empress was appreciating and the Co2 coin team was allowed to join us. It was a very valuable day.

The very famous “Kanda Myojin Shrine” in Japan made an event to celebrate the 1300th year. The first part is a celebration concert by Japanese artist Uzaki Ryodo. In the second part, a talk sessi on entitled “Block Chain as Life Cycle Support” was held. I gave a lecture on Co2 reduction in this talk session. The venue was fully occupied and we handed out “eco-woter”, a fuel efficiency improvement product for automobiles, as a souvenir. It was a valuable opportunity to give a lecture that can lead to awareness of global environmental conservation.


CO2 coin team president Kudo Toshio has been appointed as a visiting researcher in a specific issue research at Meiji University BCP · SCM Institute “Verification of utilization of block chain technology in CO2 reduction and construction of supply chain management model” .
This unit was established within Meiji University with the aim of conducting a theoretical and empirical research on Meiji University and CO2 coin team on integrated management of supply chain and life cycle support using block chain technology it was done.
The results of this research are expected to be utilized in a wide range of fields such as environmental problems, BCP measures, innovation of mobility, production circulation innovation of fresh products, logistics innovation, renewable energy utilization.

Towards CO2 reduction Meiji University and the Co2 coin team have agreed to collaborate to verify the utilization of block chain technology and build a supply chain management model and formally concluded a contract.